Necessary functionality required to carry out Auto Transfer of Accounts of a member on change of employment has been launched in Unified Portal/EPFO Application Software.

  1. Members satisfying the following preconditions and whose UAN and Aadhaar number are entered and matched by the present employer against the existing details as available against the UAN would be marked for auto transfer.
  2. The Aadhaar number of the member must have been seeded and verified against the UAN at the previous establishment level.
  3. Member’s details like Date of Joining, Date of Exit and Reason of Exit should be available in respect of previous employment.
  4. UAN is activated and mobile number is available.
  5. An auto-transfer would be initiated once first payment in respect of the new employee is received from the present employer against the UAN flagged for auto- transfer.

SMS and email if registered will be sent to the member once the transfer is auto-initiated.

  1. The member can request to stop the auto-initiated transfer either online using the “Stop Auto Initiated Claim cases” functionality provided in the “Track Claim Status” link under “Online Services” tab in the Member Portal or through present employer or by approaching the nearest EPFO office within an outer limit of 10 days of receipt of SMS informing the member of auto-initiation of transfer request at Unified Portal.
  2. In case the request to stop the auto-initiated transfer against a given UAN is not received within the stipulated 10 days from either of the member, field office or employer interfaces under Unified Portal and the member contribution is deposited by the present employer and the same is reconciled, the actual transfer claim will be generated and made available in concerned field office for the further processing like any other transfer claim using EPFO application software.

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