A facility has been provided to the members to merge their earlier PF accounts to the current PF account to that EPFO may help them in the integrations of all these PF accounts in the current UAN activated PF account. The said functionality has been provided on the EPFO website at

Our Services >> For Employees >> One Employee- One EPF Account.

It can also be accessed using the URL

Features of the facility are:-

A Member has to provide his current activated UAN along with the current member ID & Mobile number registered at UAN Member portal. On validating these credentials, EPFO will facilitate the member to register his/her EPF accounts. Members can enter details of as many as ten previous PF account numbers.

The earlier PF member IDs provided by members will be forwarded to EPFO field office to which earlier member ID pertains. The said facility is available to field offices at the MIS portal login >> UAN >> Previous Account Linking. An excel sheet has been provided which can be downloaded by field offices and used for the purpose of facilitating the consolidation of multiple accounts of a member.

The functionality provided to the EPFO field offices includes the feature to update the status in respect of the member ID. Accordingly, the field officers may mark the cases as settled or rejected. In case the member ID is marked as settled it is mandatory to put the claim ID with which the claim was settled. If case of invalid Claim ID system throws the invalid message and keeps the case as pending.

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