The Government has issued notification amending the Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Rules. The existing rule 25 (2) (ix) has been omitted. The employment of women employees is now permitted subject to the conditions specified in the amendment. The important conditions are:

  • Willingness of women employees to work in the night
  • There shall be more than one women employee during night
  • Transport facilities from residence to workplace and back shall be provided free of cost with adequate security.
  • Employment of women shall be on rotation basis
  • Adequate number of security guards shall be posted during night shift
  • Sufficient rest rooms, latrines and washing facilities with adequate water supply shall be provided separately for women employees
  • Establishment shall bear the cost of crèche facility obtained by women employees from voluntary or other organisation
  • Company shall obtain Bio-data of each driver and conduct pre­employment screening of antecedents of all drivers employed on their own.
  • The schedule route of the pickup and drop shall be decided by the supervisory office of the company only.
  • Telephone number, particularly mobile number and address of women employees shall not be disclosed to unauthorised persons.
  • Careful selection of routes shall be made in such way that no women employees shall be picked up first and dropped last.
  • Company shall provide security guards at workplace and for night shift vehicles when women employees are being picked first and dropped last.

The amendment shall come into effect from the date of its publication in the official Gazette.

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