With the aim to achieve the objectives of simplifying procedures for raising Industrial Disputes by individual workmen or trade unions, easily, hassle- free and quickly, two Performa are developed for the filing of Industrial Disputes online under the sections 2-A and 2-K of the Industrial Disputes Act 1947.

The Salient Features of the online Performa are:

  1. These are user-friendly, simple and easy to understand;
  2. A Workman/ Trade Union can file their dispute by themselves online without any outside help;
  3. Initially, it is proposed to be in English and Hindi and gradually, Performa in English and translation in all scheduled languages is proposed, so that the workmen/trade union can file one’s dispute in one’s language; and
  4. Facility of SMS alert will also be provided to the workmen as and when necessary to disseminate the required information.

Performa: Online Industrial Dispute Registration Forms

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