Kerala Nurses and Other Private Hospital Employees New Salary 2017

Kerala Nurses  New Salary 2017 Update:

Kerala Nurses and Other Private Hospital Employees New Salary 2017

Kerala has issued the government notification to change private hospital employees salary including Staff Nurses (Diploma and Bsc). Salary will be based on the type of category of the Hospital. The government decided to categorise each private hospitals into 4 categories based on their bed strength. New salary shall be paid with effect from 01st October 2017. Before finalising this notification any objections shall be informed to the concerned department within 2 months from the date of publication of this notification.

Government Notification November 2017: Kerala Nurses and Other Private Hospital Employees New Salary 2017

Earlier Updates:

After previous proposal rejected by Nurses union, today (20th July, 2017) new minimum wage has been fixed for nurses in Kerala. As per the new minimum salary nurses will get minimum Rs 20,000/- (Twenty Thousand Rupees) in a small hospital.

New minimum wages for nurses will be paid with effect from 01st August, 2017.

New committee will be formed to study feasibility of higher wages for Nurses. This committee has to report their findings with in a month. United Nurses Association has called of strike in the view of this decision.

10 July 2017: Ministry of Labour under Kerala government finally revised minimum wages of Staff Nurses to bring an end to the ongoing nurses’ strike in the state in a crucial bilateral meeting held on Monday afternoon (10-07-2017).

Kerala Labor minister P. Ramakrishan chaired the bilateral meeting in which representatives of Nurses mainly United Nurses Association and of private hospital managements participated and raised their views.

Nurses salary were earlier revised in the year 2013. That time the government promised to revise it again within a year after government appointed committee’s advice, but that did not happen. The Supreme Court in 2016 stipulated a salary scale for nurses equivalent to the government sector Nurses. A panel appointed by the apex court had recommended equal salaries for government and private sector nurses. The agitation in Kerala started after Association of Hospital management announced that this salary scale cannot be implemented in the state.

Final Decisions will be made on 20-07-2017

New minimum wages for the nurses in Kerala will be as follows:

Minimum Salary

Up to 300 bedded hospital-

Total Salary- Rs. 20014/- (minimum)

Up to 301-500 bedded hospital 

Nursing Allowance- Rs. 1200/-

Additional Allowance- 15 % of Basic Salary

Total Gross Salary- Rs. 20950/- (minimum)

Up to 501- 800 bedded hospital

Nursing Allowance- 1200

Additional Allowance- 20% of Basic Salary

Total Gross Salary- 22040/- (minimum)

Above 800 bedded hospitals

Nursing Allowance- Rs. 1400/-,

Additional Allowance- 30% of basic salary

Total Gross Salary- Rs. 23760/- (minimum)

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