To:                   [IDENTIFY PERSON/GROUP, ex. John Smith, Joel Johnson & Bill Williams]

From:               [YOUR NAME]

Date:                [DATE, ex. July 5, 1998]

Subject:            [MEETING, ex. Meeting on July 13, 2:00 PM]

I would like to schedule a meeting [DATE AND TIME, ex. on Wednesday, July 13, at 2:00 PM] to discuss [SUBJECT, ex. our business plan for the coming quarter].  Let’s meet at [LOCATION, ex. The Tavern Country Club], [EITHER GIVE DIRECTIONS, OR INCLUDE A MAP, ex. which is located on the north-west corner of First and Second streets].

Our agenda will be as follows:


Determine which new markets we wish to enter

Allocate budgets

Evaluate quarter one results]

I look forward to seeing you on [DATE, ex. Wednesday].  Please contact me if you are unable to attend.

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